Philosophy for Success

What sense does it make for men to walk on the moon while other men are waiting on welfare lines, or in Vietnam killing and dying for a corrupt dictatorship in the name of freedom?

-Saul Alinsky

Contacting ET 5
Core Philosophies

  • Assumption of non-hostility
  • Freedom of Thought Doctrine
  • Principles over Personality
  • Forever and always non-political
  • Have Fun – happiness is contagious

Assumption of non-hostility until proven otherwise – This tenet forms the philosophical backbone of our CE outreach. No human has ever met a criminally deviant ET during CE-5. If and when a point of discontent occurs between humanity and another a star nation, it is incumbent upon us as exo-ambassadors to facilitate conflict resolution discussion. The alternative is “negotiating” down the barrel of a scalar-longitudinal weapon that can destroy entire planets.

Extraterrestrial Contact Network by GA CE-5 Initiative

Atlanta, GA
198 Interplanetary Ambassadors

We are a decentralized network of citizens who contact Extraterrestrial beings regularly and have an awesome amount of fun in the process. Check out our new website!Http://con…

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“Anons neither support nor condone violence. Rather, we combat bad ideas with better ones.”

— Q. Anon

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