Global Civilian Network

Contacting ET

We are a network of millions of citizens concerned with the embargo on truth surrounding extraterrestrial visitations. We are in every country on every continent including Antarctica. As a local organizing body, we are guided by the Law of One: may only the highest good of all concerned occur.

CE-5 isn’t your mom’s ancient aliens rerun. This is a war for truth, liberty, and social justice. We demand armed forces deconflict with ET operations and cease all use of lethal force against ET. We demand that all reverse engineered technology originating off world be turned over to the public immediately, especially healing and over-unity devices. We demand immediate disclosure of all details regarding future plans to create a security infrastructure satisfactory for widespread adoption of anti-gravitic propulsion. You have within your reach the means to cure cancer, end carbon codependency, end pointless wars, mitigate virtually all poverty…. and never have to deal with traffic again in your life.

Extraterrestrial Contact Network by GA CE-5 Initiative

Atlanta, GA
198 Interplanetary Ambassadors

We are a decentralized network of citizens who contact Extraterrestrial beings regularly and have an awesome amount of fun in the process. Check out our new website!Http://con…

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