A Growing Network

CE Group

We are a network of citizens concerned with the embargo on truth surrounding extraterrestrial visitations. We use a series of basic techniques of consciousness to initiate communication with these beings.

The CE-5 Initiative

The act of contacting aliens on your own has been likened to the ultimate form of Civil Disobedience. Often referred to as CE-5, human initiated contact is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide as the public tires of waiting for an “official” top-down disclosure to never arrive. Contacting ET Group, or CE Group, is a part of a global, decentralized network of people who enjoy committing this peaceful yet transformative act of “cosmic” disobedience. It has been said that the “highest” common denominator between all sentient life forms is consciousness, defined here as simply the awareness of one’s own awareness. Consciousness is the starting point that has allowed thousands of people the world over to experience a cultural exchange with enlightened beings from other planetary societies, and it is for this reason that it does not matter if a person is a scientist or a buffoon, adult or child, democrat or republican. As long as a person is free of fear and motivated by selfless reasons, ET will show up almost every time an attempt to contact them is made. Our vision at CE Group is simply to engage in communication with the CE-5 Initiative network globally on both individual and team-to-team basis. To that end we are building a directory of CE-5 teams in other states and countries. An invitation is extended to you and your local team to come on our Podcast and share your stories.

Are you new to CE-5? The best way to learn is to try it on your own and with a group. The resources page contains valuable guides and other useful tools

The preferred way to RSVP to Contacting ET events is through our Meetup page, but you may also email us if you prefer not joining meetup. Subscribe to our mailing list in order to never miss an upcoming event reminder. For now, you can only subscribe by messaging an admin.

For those who want to explore the CE-5 Initiative from the comfort of their living room, check out the hit new film, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact has Begun.

Extraterrestrial Contact Network by GA CE-5 Initiative

Atlanta, GA
187 Interplanetary Ambassadors

We are a decentralized network of citizens who contact Extraterrestrial beings regularly and have an awesome amount of fun in the process. Check out our new website!Http://con…

Next Meetup

Return to the Deerlick Astronomy Village

Friday, Nov 6, 2020, 5:00 PM
12 Attending

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